User first identity verification

Increase trust and security while decreasing costs and friction with Sora’s patent-pending model for compliant, networked user identity.

the vision

One-touch KYC for digital finance.

Users already verified in our network can verify with one touch at your business.

We share a common objective with our customers—verify new users as efficiently, seamlessly and accurately as possible.

The future of identity verification

Sora’s patent-pending model for user identity decouples data collection, data checking, and decisioning, enabling better optimization and a modern user experience. 

Integrate in hours, customize in seconds

Integrate our API with just a few lines of code, or get started immediately using no-code verification links from our dashboard. 

Tailor your verification workflows with our highly customizable verification options or get started immediately with our presets.


Safe & secure

Enable higher quality verification without imposing extra user friction and cost.

Stronger trust through consent

Sora establishes a direct relationship with the user so their data is always up to date. Optionally, we can take custody of user PII on your behalf, taking the challenges of safely storing and maintaining sensitive data off your plate.


We take security and privacy seriously.

Upgrade your onboarding

Upgrade your onboarding